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As our company name "Hydex" stands for,
we are the experts of Hydraulic equipment and business solution.

With 15 years long experience in the field and specially together with
various customers and working at sight of all around the world,
we could be one of major Korean manufacturers and exporters
of Hyd. Equipments of Heavy Machineries.

Due to above, we currently have a full range of Hyd. Equipment.
From Hyd. Hammers, Various Attachments, Diesel fork lift, Hyd.
Spare parts for all brand heavy machineries, all kinds of carriers'
undercarriage and used Machinery and Equipments.

Also We, HydEx are fully equipped with long experienced and
professional hydraulic engineers, hence we are not only supplying
machineries but also we are providing design solution and new
development advice to the customers, and this will let us to be
available to develop new design equipment and technology.
In order to be growing as a leader in this construction business, We, HydEx will pursue to be fulfill with Advance and
Differentiated Technology, High Customers' Satisfaction, Better and Distinguishing Products than other competitors.

Welcome again to HydEx, do have a better future to being a partner with "Hydraulic Experts"

Thank you.